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Graduate General Admissions

Graduate General Admissions

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For a person to qualify for admission for Mater’s degrees at this University they should meet the minimum entrance requirements which are a Bachelor’s degree of the University of Eswatini or any other recognised University, with at least a second-class second division pass or equivalent, and with at least a C grade (60%), or its equivalent, in a relevant subject area as specified in the Departmental Regulations for the intended Master’s degree programme.


The applicant shall have obtained the Bachelor’s degree, in the same or relevant area as the intended Master’s degree programme or as specified in the Departmental Regulations.


The Senate may require an applicant to take and pass additional course work before the completion of the Master’s degree programme. Grades from such courses shall not be taken into account when computing the final grade for the programme.



Admission to a programme leading to a Master’s degree must be approved by the Senate on the recommendation of the Institute of Post-Graduate Studies Board.

General Admissions by Faculty

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