University of Eswatini / Council

The Council of the University is responsible for governance, policy making and monitoring and is, in particular, responsible for laying down guidelines relating to strategic governance, financial governance, staff matters, fostering a positive academic atmosphere, disciplinary matters regarding staff and students and the admission at the University.

The Council of the University of Eswatini comprises 23 members, 14 of which are external members who are not employed by the University and 9 internal members. Council members are required to have knowledge, expertise and experience relevant to the objectives and management of the University.

Appointed by the Chancellor

Chief Mkhumbi Dlamini (Chairman)

Chief B. Dlamini 


Prof. J. M. Thwala

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Admin)


Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Prof T.H. Gadaga

Appointed by Minister

Mr. B. Gama
Mr. T. Mkhaliphi
Mr. M. Mndawe
Mr. B. Ndzinisa

Mrs. T. Manyatsi

Elected by Senate

Prof. A.M. Manyatsi
Prof. C. Maphosa
Prof. P.S. Dlamini

Elected by the Academic and Administrative Staff

Dr. P. Horton

Elected by the Non-Academic Staff


Elected by the Graduates

 Mr. S. Dlamini

 Ms T. Dlamini

Elected by Students

One elected annually

Appointed by the Council

Mr. M.S. Mdluli

Mr. Z.R. Magagula

Attorney General

Chief S. Khumalo


Dr. S.S. Simelane (Secretary)