University of Eswatini / Faculty of Agriculture

We are the oldest Faculty in the University of Eswatini having been established in 1966.  We have a strong teaching and research culture with our own peer research journal.  We are home to more than 1000 students and that makes us one of the largest faculties in the University.  Our Faculty lies within fertile land in the Malkerns valley which is suited for our purpose.  Our teaching farm provides staff and students with the necessary practical skills and allows for research in most agricultural fields.  Our students also do their entrepreneurial projects on the Farm.  The Faculty has over 60 staff members distributed in six departments.


To be the leading Faculty in Agriculture and related disciplines 


In order to serve the needs of the Kingdom of Eswatini and beyond, the Faculty seeks to be aggressive and innovative in teaching, research, community service and entrepreneurial development.

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