University of Eswatini / Administrative Departments

These Administrative Departments have different duties that they carry out to achieving the University’s vision. These are made up of different units that run administration work on campus which includes the Dean of Student Affairs office, the Corporate Affairs department, Maintenance just to name a few. Explore below any department that suits your needs and do no hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.

Legal Office

Physical Planning

Eswatini Innovation Hackathon

UNESWA has partnered with a number of Institutions to jointly pioneer the first ever Eswatini Innovation Hackathon to foster data-driven solutions for everyday life.

Providence University (Taiwan) signs MoU with UNESWA

A partnership to develop the Bio-Technology industry in the country, has been forged between UNESWA and Providence University.

Eswatini Parliament partners with UNESWA for capacity building

This partnership is aimed at equipping policy makers with necessary skills to carry out their duties in the Eswatini Parliament

Artificial Intelligence Seminar

Intelligent machines that act and react like humans are slowly making their mark globally, especially in the advanced world, making life easier and better for those who use them.