University of Eswatini / Faculties

We are one of the largest university in Eswatini, with eight highly regarded faculties that span the knowledge spectrum from classic academic fields to rapidly evolving new fields of stud. Our faculties offers over 60 undergraduate programmes across our faculties of Humanities; Education; Social Science,  Agriculture; Health Sciences; Consumer Sciences; Commerce; and Science and Engineering. Our programmes are locally and globally relevant. UNESWA endeavours to create an environment that enables all students to maximise their own intellectual potential in their chosen field of study by providing a solid teaching and learning foundation that will lead our graduates to greater success in their careers, or light the spark of curiosity and discovery through further postgraduate specialisation and research. 

University Faculty

The Faculty of Agriculture is located at the Luyengo campus …continue reading

The Faculty of Commerce is located at the Kwaluseni campus and has two …continue reading

The Faculty of Consumer Sciences is located at the Luyengo …continue reading

The Faculty of Education is located at the Kwaluseni campus and has …continue reading

The Faculty of Health Sciences is located at the Mbabane …continue reading

The Faculty of Humanities is located at the Kwaluseni campus and has six academic …continue reading

The Faculty of Science is located at the Kwaluseni campus and has seven …continue reading

The Faculty of Social Sciences is located at the Kwaluseni campus and has five …continue reading

University of Eswatini / Institutes

The University of Eswatini has two institutes that have been established to cater for students who have busy schedules and would rather study on a part time basis, through our Institute of Distance Education, and for those looking to further their studies to graduate level through our Institute of Post Graduate studies. 

Please take time to go through the programmes we have to offer, and do pay attention to the entrance requirements, application dates and fees that are required at every level to make sure your application runs smoothly.

If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate personnel and we look forward to seeing you on campus grounds in our next academic year.


University Institutes

Institute of Distance Education

The Institute of Distance Education offer Bachelor’s degree programmes in Adult Education,

Post-Graduate Studies

The Institute of Post-graduate Studies offer Masters and Doctorate degree …continue reading

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Prospective Student

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Student Services

Click here for information and links to services that students may require during their tenure at the institution. 

Campus Life

When it comes down to student life, academic engagement and growth form the foundations of the University of Eswatini. UNESWA also offers a dynamic and well-rounded student experience on all our campuses around the country of Eswatini. Click here to learn more about the buzzing student life and not-to-be-missed activities that can cater to your specific interests. 

Contact Us

If you have gotten this far, you’re already a UNESWA student in our books. Click here if you have any questions aboiut ypur prospective or current studies

Fees and Funding

Once you have been accepted to study the programme of your choice, fees are payable…Read more>>