University of Eswatini

Uneswa Research Centre

Uneswa Research Centre


Technological advancement and sustainable development through excellence in research.


As the focal point for research at the University, the UNISWA Research Centre facilitates the coordination, strengthening, promotion, generation, accumulation and dissemination of knowledge and information through research, and thereby promotes economic growth and development and socio-cultural values.


  1. To promote meaningful research at UNISWA by vitalizing research culture, liaising with relevant organs to harmonize teaching and research activities, and introducing incentives that are conducive to effective utilization of the available competencies and capabilities.
  2. To strengthen staffing and upgrade facilities at the Research Centre to become the University’s focal point for identifying, prioritizing and coordinating research, and compiling and disseminating research information.
  3. To strengthen the technical base for research and its relevance through technical support, training and availability of key literature.
  4. To formulate, review, implement and monitor policies and procedures for processing research proposals for funding.
  5. To liaise with the National Research Council of Swaziland and establish links with other research institutions in and outside the country to strengthen and diversify research agenda.
  6. To accommodate the diversity in research and encourage problem-specific and creative research to address UNISWA’s academic requirements and national and regional needs.
  7. To establish and sustain effective interaction with beneficiaries of research and other stakeholders for enhancing research relevance and adoption.
  8. To establish links with industry and other sectors for cooperation in handling research needs and provision of funding for research.
  9. To utilise effectively available resources; cooperate with other institutions for sharing of facilities; and mobilize funding from inside.


The mandates of the UNISWA Research Centre are:

  1. Prepare research proposals for external funding and implementation by staff.
  2. Facilitate and coordinate the submission of research proposals; and monitor research funded by the UNISWA Research Board.
  3. Conduct and commission studies.
  5. Conduct and/ or commission studies.
  6. Edit and publish research reports in the form of UNISWA Research Centre Report Series.
  7. Prepare and publish research highlights.
  8. Contribute to editorial activities of the two UNISWA Research Journals and prepare the journals for publication.
  9. Organise seminars and workshops.
  10. Liaise with the National Research Council of Swaziland, the Institute for Research in Traditional Medicine and Indigenous Food Plants and research organisations at national and regional levels and beyond
  11. Maintain profile of research and researchers at the university and at national level.