University of Eswatini / Security On Campus

The security unit reports to the Registrar who is Head of Department. The security unit is responsible for the provision of security services in the University of Eswatini properties, staff, students, etc. These services are provided at Kwaluseni, Luyengo and Mbabane Campuses as well as Sithobela Facility, Dalcrue, Enjingeni and Mafutseni Farms.


To provide a safe and secure environment in the University of Eswatini Community


To ensure that the University of Eswatini is a safe place which is free from thieving, illegal drugs, fear and a place conducive for staying, teaching, learning, research training, and community service, provision of opportunities for consultancy, professional leadership and enterprise development.

To ensure that the security unit provides the best services to the students, staff, etc. below are the primary duties:

    • Prevention and combating crime

To ensure that crime is prevented and combatted the following is done:

    • Deploy security personnel in the hostels, classes and other areas of duty.
    • Patrol hostels, classes, etc.
    • Register students’ electrical appliances upon arrival at the Main Gates.
    • Conduct searches at the Main Gates, Library, etc.
    • Conduct investigations of cases reported to security.
    • Deploy security personnel during students’ events like Freshers’ Ball, Mr & Miss UNESWA, Bashes, Graduation Ceremonies, Theatre Night, Intervarsity Games, etc.
    • Provide safety and security tips to students and staff.
    • Preservation of peace and order


This is achieved by:

    • Deploying security personnel during students’ demonstration, class boycotts, etc.
    • The omnipresence of security personnel and their response to any report by students, staff, etc. with regards to the disruption of peace and order.
    • The omnipresence of security personnel helps to prevent, deter, detect, deny, deflect, limit, etc. the committal of criminal activities by conducting both visibility and non-visibility patrols.
    • Protection of life and property

This is achieved by:

    • Deploying security personnel to patrol (both visible and non-visible) all areas that are used by students, staff, etc. to deter would be criminals.
    • The prompt response of security personnel to any call from students, staff, etc. whose life is in danger or being threatened to render assistance such as to remove the person from the danger or threat or remove the danger itself.
    • Bringing offenders before justice


It is achieved by:

    • Conducting investigations of all cases reported to security personnel within the University of Eswatini’s premises.
    • Arresting and charging students who are involved in criminal activities and have contravened the Students Regulations for Discipline.
    • Bringing offenders before justice by either taking them to the nearest Police Station or to competent University of Eswatini’s authorities.



Having seen that crime is so complex nowadays, the University of Eswatini had decided to make use of CCTV Surveillance System to enhance security operations. The CCTV system is not here to spy on you but to protect you and your properties against criminal activities like theft, vandalism, etc. You are therefore requested ladies and gentlemen not to destroy the system because that will defeat the purpose of installing the system.



Students are asked to be cautious and do the following to help provide the best security environment within the campus:

    • Study the campus and neighborhood in respect to routes between your residences and classes. Also know where to find phones for emergency purposes.
    • Always travel in groups if you happen to go to the nearby shopping complexes especially in the evenings and nights.
    • Remember not to carry too much cash either on the campuses or when outside the campuses as some people have devices that tell them where one has kept money in the body, rather keep it in the bank and keep safe your bank cards, PINs and students cards to prevent crime.
    • Make sure that you live in a room which is well equipped with locking mechanism. Always lock your room when you are out and when you are in at night and do not loan out your key. Do not put your keys on top of door frames for your friends or roommate. 
    • Remove all valuable properties next to windows and on top of car seats as these attract people to come and commit criminal activities. Do not leave your clothing on the washing line overnight or weekend
    • Always make sure that your doors and windows are closed and do not compromise your safety for a roommate who may ask that the door or window be left unlocked or unclosed for his convenience. Never trust a person irrespective of how close you think that person is to you –
    • Report anything suspicious, thefts, break-ins immediately to Security Staff for immediate action drill.
    • Engrave your valuables with your identification so that it would be easily identified if stolen and subsequently recovered by the Police.


Thoroughly study and make sure you understand your campuses students’ Rules and Regulations especially clauses pertaining to bringing and consumption of liquor on the campus premises, concerts/parties conducted on campuses, possession and abuse of drugs and other substances, visitors ‘hours, etc. Abiding by these Rules and Regulations will definitely make your stay in the campus very much enjoyable, and you will never experience any nasty confrontation with the campuses security officers e.g. alcohol and cocaine


    • When leaving the campuses, remember to carry your ID cards so that you are easily let in by security on your return especially at night because visitors are not allowed into campus after 23:00hrs.
    • Know your neighbors and do not be reluctant to report illegal activities and suspicious loitering within the campus to security. Reduce your sound systems to minimum levels so that security officers on patrol could hear any suspicious activity in the rooms,
    • Students are requested to register their electrical appliances upon arrival to avoid any inconveniences. To register come to the Main Gate with your ID, appliance’s description and serial number.
    • Students are sincerely requested not to crowd at the Main Gate, in front of the guard house or on the entrance when toy-toying so that security officers can continue with their work easily.
    • Always keep your valuable properties safe inside your rooms when going to the bathrooms.
    • Ladies please avoid being involved in love triangles because they are very dangerous in the event the love rivals arrive at almost the same time.

The Security Unit has a staff compliment of three officers employed by the University of Eswatini, i.e. Chief Security Officer, Senior Security Officers (Luyengo and Mbabane). However, the junior positions in the Unit were outsourced with a staff compliment of about two hundred and thirty (230). These are deployed at Kwaluseni, Luyengo and Mbabane Campuses as well as Sithobela Facility, Dalcrue, Enjingeni and Mafutseni Farms.

The Security Unit has a Security Policy which mandates the security personnel to conduct searches at the Main Gates.

The Security Unit’s contact details:

  • Kwaluseni Campus

Mr David M. Mavimbela – Chief Security Officer

Commerce Building Office # 214 / 215

Office tel. 70287

Direct line: 25170287

Cell phone: 76085901 / 79085901

Email: /

Main Gate: 70028, direct line: 25170028


  • Luyengo Campus

Mr Ronald M. Gule – Senior Security Officer

Building: Consumer Science building

Office: 70545

Direct line: 25170545

Cell phone: 76482350


Main Gate: 70581, direct line: 25170581

Supervisor’s Office: 70657, direct line: 25170657


  • Mbabane Campus

Mr David Simelane – Senior Security Officer

Building: Community Hostel Block

Office: 70733/ cell phone# 76250123

Direct line: 25170733



 Main Gate: 70733, direct line 25170733