University of Eswatini / Campuses, Maps and Directions

The University of Eswatini has three beautiful campuses, each with its own unique character and purpose. The faculties of Commerce, Social Sciences, Science and Engineering, Humanities and Education are customised to their purposes, self-contained on campuse at Kwaluseni. Our Mbabane campus is home to our Health Sciences faculty which allows students the experience to have access to the Mbabane Government Hospital, for its practical course work.

UNESWA’s Luyengo Campus is focussed on providing a strong foundation for students in the faculties of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences. The campuses’ access to the University Farm allows for students to have first hand experience in the trade of Agriculture, which is what the economy of Eswatini is built on.

University of Eswatini campus maps;

Kwaluseni Campus

Luyengo Campus

Mbabane Campus