University of Eswatini / Undergraduate Fees



Local/SADC Students

Emalangeni  per Credit

Non-Science Undergraduate Degrees                                                             549.00                              

Non-Science Post Graduate Certificates                                                       549.00                              

Science Under Graduate Degrees                                                                    596.00                              

Science Post Diploma Certificates   596.00



Local/SADC Students

Emalangeni  per Credit

Undergraduate Science Degrees                                                                      453.00                              

Undergraduate Non-Science Degree                                                              417.00                              

Post Graduate Non-Science Certificate                                                         417.00                              

Undergraduate Non-Science Diploma                                                           417.00                              

Under Graduate Non-Science Certificate                                                      233.00                              


RE-SIT FEES for Local/SADC & International Students

Re-sit (per paper)



NON-CREDIT SYSTEM FEES                      

 Undergraduate Full Time

Local/SADC Students

Emalangeni  per Credit

Non-Science Undergraduate Degrees                                                             19 778.00                        

Non-Science Post Graduate Certificates                                                       19 778.00                        

Per Full Course                                                                                                   4 080.00                          

Per Half Course                                                                                                  2 040.00                          


Science Undergraduate Degrees                                                                      21 460.00                        

Post Diploma Certificate in Sciences                                                             21 460.00                        

Per Full Course                                                                                                   4 136.00                          

Per Half Course                                                                                                  2 164.00      


 Local/SADC Students

Emalangeni  per Credit

IDE Part Time                                                   

Undergraduate Non-Science Degrees                                                          15 004.00                        

Non-Science Post Graduate Certificates                                                       15 004.00                        

Non-Science Undergraduate Diploma                                                           15 004.00                        

Per Course                                                                                                           1 500.00                          


Non-Science Certificates                                                                                  4 191.00                          

Per Half Course                                                                                                  688.00                              

Per Full Course     1 376.00


Local/SADC & International Students

 Full course (per paper)                                                                                     480.00                              

Half Course (per paper)                                                                                    300.00                              


OTHER COMPULSORY FEES                                                                                                              

Local/SADC & International Students

Caution Fee (All Students)                                                                               280.00                              

SRC Fee (only for full time undergraduate students)                                 150.00                              


OTHER FEES                                                                                                                                              

Local/SADC & International Students

Transcript                                                                                                            250.00                              

Replacement Certificate                                                                                  500.00                              

Affiliation Fees (individual)                                                                             3 080.00                          

Affiliation Fees (Institution)                                                                            6 743.00                          

Application Fees                                                                                                430.00                              

Acceptance Fees                                                                                                450.00                              

Entrepreneurship Course                                                                                  549.00                              

Mature Entry Exam Fees (per paper)                                                            150.00                              

Annual Residence Fees                                                                                     3, 900.00 to 5, 200.00   

Field Attachment allowances (Capped SG rate)                                          5 600.00                                 

Book Fees (capped SG rate)                                                                            4 000.00                          

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