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The Department of Student Affairs at the University is responsible for the overall welfare of all registered students of the university. Student Affairs refers to a general term that covers the well-being of students including their social and other aspects of life that affect their stay and academic performance at the University. This, the department does through the provision of professional and student oriented curricular and programmes designed to enrich students academically and socially.


The Department of Student Affairs is manned by professionals and individuals dedicated to serving the interest of all students at the University.  

Student Results Portal

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The University of Eswatini offers certificate, diploma and degree programmes at the undergraduate level…Read more>>


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Fees and Funding

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Campus Life

When it comes down to student life, academic engagement and growth form the foundations of the University of Eswatini. UNESWA also offers a dynamic and well-rounded student experience on all our campuses around the country of Eswatini. Click here to learn more about the buzzing student life and not-to-be-missed activities that can cater to your specific interests. 

Student Services

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Student Websites

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