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The University Planning Centre was established in 2001 following the adoption of the first Strategic Plan of the University of Swaziland.  Among the functions of the University that were identified in that strategic plan was the “Creation of an enabling environment for the efficient provision and utilisation of resources…”  The University has established the University Planning Centre to, among other things, “serve as the hub for all planning activities in the University.”  

Over the years, the University Planning Centre has focused its attention on the preparation and coordination of the implementation of the University Strategic Plans, drafting memoranda of understanding/agreement on specific University projects and collection and processing University data.  Some University committees whose portfolios cover the activities of the University Planning Centre facilitate the work of the Centre. 

The Centre remains the first port of call for all the University’s prospective international partners, especially on issues where there could be joint programmes/activities conducted between the University Faculties/Departments and external counterparts to advance academic pursuits.


Excellence in the delivery of planning services to stakeholders.


The mission of the University Planning Centre is to be the hub of all planning activities and provide professional technical advice on planning matters at the University.


The objectives of the University Planning Centre are to:

    • Prepare comprehensive University Strategic Plans;
    • Facilitate the implementation of the University Strategic Plans;
    • Monitor the implementation of the University Strategic plans;
    • Evaluate the implementation of the University Strategic Plans;
    • Disseminate University Statistical data to stakeholders;
    • Facilitate the academic planning of the University;
    • Coordinate the establishment of University links with external partners; and
    • Capture reports on the implementation of Memoranda of Agreement with external partners.

Community Service

The services that the University Planning Centre offers can be imparted to other organizations.  That process may lead to the staff of the Centre learning from the experiences of the Centre’s partners.  In the event that there are no lessons learnt, the very experience of availing services to society in need could suffice. 

The Centre intends to work with the Ministry of Education and Training on issues of Strategic Planning in some of the schools.  This initiative shall be conducted against the backdrop of dwindling financial resources.  The target group shall be School Principals. 

Depending on the availability of resources, the Centre shall explore opportunities to work with Government and Parastatal organizations on the compilation of statistical data.  

Links with Other Institutions

The University Planning Centre serves as the clearing centre for all University links with other institutions.  At present, there are more than twenty-five active links with partner institutions in areas of mutual interest.  The broad objectives of links are teaching, research, staff and student exchange programmes, supervision of post-graduate students, holding workshops and seminars and working with communities on social issues and development issues. 

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