MTN Skills Academy is officially launched!

KWALUSENI – The Acting Chief Executive Officer of MTN, Mr Sibusiso Nhleko officially launched the MTN Skills Academy at a ceremony that was attended by University Staff, MTN Staff and over 250 students from different tertiary institutions in the country.

In his remarks, Mr Nhleko mentioned that “In the spirit of the Global Appreciation Week, may I appreciate the University for the success in holding the 41st Graduation Ceremony.”  The Graduation Ceremony had not been held for some time due to COVID -19.  Mr Nhleko appreciated the passion and commitment from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Department, they have been very good stewards of the resources.  He mentioned that the relationship between MTN and the Department was growing stronger.  Mr Nhleko noted that MTN and the University had a long standing relationship and he wanted to reaffirm MTN’s commitment to the University and to education.  He mentioned that MTN had been doing business in Eswatini for 25 years!

Mr Nhleko appreciated Generation Z and mentioned that it was heart-warming to note that the students were now taught on smart homes, smart industries and smart cities concepts that were not taught during their time.  He appreciated the University for investing in academic excellence which will impact the country and the whole world.  “Education is an equaliser; we now have people in Eswatini working for companies outside of Eswatini because of technological advancement.  The technology will produce graduates with cutting-edge skills.” He applauded Generation Z for their ability to hustle and was confident they will not wait to be employed but will create technology which will be sold in the country and beyond the borders as well.  He appreciated the youth for the amazing skills and contribution to the economy by doing business online. 

In talking about the Skills Academy, Mr Nhleko mentioned that MTN had partnered with a number of international universities to create opportunities for the youth to learn digital skills.  The certificates from the Skills Academy are accredited by world class universities.  He expressed the hope that the students will be able to get digital jobs and also create them.  The Skills Academy will offer digital skills and the students will not be made to pay for them because MTN will have paid for them. In future, the application will be zero-rated but currently it was not.  He encouraged the students to go to the Tinkhundla Centres and National Libraries to access free WIFI.