Motsepe Project Site Handover Marks a Milestone in Enhancing Education at UNESWA

Kwaluseni, 3 October 2023 – The University of Eswatini (UNESWA) celebrated a significant milestone today as the Motsepe Project site was officially handed over to the construction team. The handover ceremony took place in the main conference room at the Kwaluseni Campus, marking the beginning of an ambitious project aimed at addressing the shortage of learning facilities and creating a conducive learning environment.

In his address, Vice Chancellor Prof. J.M. Twala acknowledged the long-awaited moment, reminiscing on the donation received from the Motsepe Foundation during the 2018 graduation ceremony, graced by His Majesty King Mswati III. Prof. Twala highlighted the unfortunate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had caused delays due to travel restrictions. However, with the restrictions now lifted, construction is set to commence on both the Kwaluseni and Mbabane Campuses.

Chairman of the Council, Chief Mkhumbi expressed gratitude to all attendees, emphasizing the significance of this project, which was launched five years ago. He extended heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Motsepe, the project’s sponsor, and expressed regret that Dr. Motsepe could not be present at the ceremony. The Chairman urged the team entrusted with the responsibility to dedicate their utmost efforts to ensure the success of the project. He emphasized the importance of conveying the need for additional resources such as furniture and labs to the cabinet, preventing the structure from becoming a white elephant. The project budget is SZL12.9 million, with funds totalling 13.6 million available.

Regarding the tender process, Mr. P.N. Mamba, Physical Planner, explained that the university had followed the guidelines set by ESPPRA (Eswatini Public Procurement Regulatory Authority). Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers (Project Managers of Choice), Manyatsi Nhleko, were selected to oversee the tender process, while the university’s Physical Planning Department utilized its internal resources for architectural purposes.

Contract management will be handled by Manyatsi Nhleko Quantity Surveyors. Project Managers of Choice will act as sub-contractors for project management, ensuring timely delivery and payment of funds. Mr. Mcebo Maziya, representing Project Managers of Choice, emphasized the importance of timely payments and coordination to avoid project failures. Seno Construction, the contractor responsible for the project, will outline their plans and provide a comprehensive health and safety plan.

Swaziland Consulting Engineers, represented by Michael, will oversee the structural integrity of the project as civil and structural engineers. Their role is to transform the architectural drawings into a tangible reality, considering loads, forces, and ensuring structural stability.

Seno Construction will now begin work on both the Kwaluseni and Mbabane Campuses. The Kwaluseni Campus will feature a paraplegic-friendly classroom with a ramp, along with three classrooms, two of which are located above ground level. The Mbabane Campus will include a computer lab, audio-visual facilities for interactive classes, three classrooms, and office spaces.

The university looks forward to the successful completion of the project, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the quality of education offered.