University of Eswatini / COVID-19


In view of the recent outbreak of COVID–19 disease, which has been declared a pandemic, it is prudent that the University of Eswatini take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the disease among the university community. 

Several measures are being put in place to achieve this:

  1. A technical committee has been set up to advice management on necessary steps to take in this emergency.
  1. The University is therefore advising members of the University community of the following decisions:
    • Adhere to WHO recommendations on prevention of spread of the disease. These will be circulated as updates through various communication channels at the University;
    • Staff and students are discouraged from undertaking international travel at this time. Any international travel on University business will not be approved;
    • Postpone any engagements that involve foreign participants from high risk countries especially EU countries, UK, USA, Iran, India, China and South Korea;
    • Postpone arrival of expatriate staff that may be joining the university;
    • Cancel or postpone events or social gatherings that involve more than 50 people;
    • For assistance in the event that you may suspect that you have contact with an infected person, please quickly get in touch with our campus clinics on the following number: 2517 0026 or 7624 7566 (Senior Nurse).

In order to facilitate heightened hygiene on campus, soaps and disinfectants will be placed in strategic places and the university community is urged to use them.

Regular updates will be given to you.  The first update is attached for your information.



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