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The Faculty of Education is home to over 1000 students pursuing Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor of Education and Post Graduate Certificate in Education. It offers programmes in primary, secondary and adult education to produce competent teachers for the country and beyond. Our programmes are strengthened by our partnership with other departments and faculties within the University of Eswatini. We also work with the Ministry of Education and Training and Faculty stakeholders in restructuring our programmes for them to remain relevant to the needs of the country.

Students are trained by over 40 qualified multicultural staff that brings in a wealth of experience in research and teaching. Education students have teaching practice experience for 12 weeks in schools all over the country in their third year of study.

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The Faculty of Education at the University of Eswatini produces balanced teachers through four departments.


The Vision of the Faculty is to become a faculty of choice in Africa through Leadership in issues pertaining to Education; Excellence in teaching and learning; Life-long learning and Research-guided instruction.


The Faculty’s Mission is to promote relevant education by providing individuals with opportunities for personal and professional development, enabling them to respond to the ever-changing demands of the country’s education, economic, political and social system. The Faculty aims to develop skills, knowledge and values that are critical in promoting excellence in teaching, learning and research.

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