University of Eswatini

Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching

In 2018, the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) replaced the Academic Development Centre (ADC).


To become a nationally recognised centre that will lead the drive for excellence in university teaching and learning in Sub-Saharan Africa.


To ensure our students receive the best quality teaching and learning experience, through the application of sound pedagogical theory and practice and by creating a supportive environment for the professional development of our teaching and administrative staff.

CELT aims to provide Continuous Professional Development to staff by:

    • Training and supporting teaching staff in the design and delivery of outcome-based curricula; blended learning; effective assessment; and class room management.
    • Assisting staff in the development of teaching and learning materials for both online and face-to-face delivery.
    • Organising selective in-service activities for the administrative staff of the University.
    • Organising management training for deans, heads of department, tutors and assistant tutors.
    • Introducing new member of the academic staff to the University units, policies and procedures relevant to teaching and learning.

CELT is also responsible for ensuring the following Quality Assurance activities:

    • The regular quality reviews of all degree programmes.
    • Approval of the pedagogical aspects of all new degree programmes.
    • The quality of online and face-to-face teaching.
    • The establishment of academic standards.
    • Benchmarking teaching and learning performance against other leading institutions.
    • Collection and analysis of data on teaching and learning performance.
    • The monitoring of the effectiveness of Faculty and Department’s quality assurance mechanisms.
    • Compliance to the University’s Teaching and Learning Policy.

CELT will also promote and disseminate its activities by undertaking appropriate and collaborative action research, publishing in reputable journals, and in participating and organising conferences and workshops.


Prof. C.J. Fowler – Director

Dr. G. Nsibande – Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator

Dr. S. Shongwe – Quality Assurance Co-ordinator

Ms. H.W. Manana – Senior Personal Secretary