University of Eswatini

Centre for Community Service

Centre for Community Service


Community service for national development.


To facilitate the provision of quality and relevant community services and the integration of community services as a core function of UNESWA.


The objectives of the Centre for Community Services are to:

    • Promote the development of community service programmes.
    • Support the integration of community service learning programmes and curricula in cooperation with partners.
    • Encourage and support volunteerism and extra-curricular community involvement by students and staff.
    • Promote corporate partnerships with communities and service sectors.
    • Facilitate the integration of community service in UNISWA’s quality assurance of programmes.
    • Promote community service-oriented research aimed at solving national development challenges.
    • Publicise integrated community service projects and programmes.
    • Develop recognition / reward schemes for staff and student participation in community service.


The Centre for Community Services is located in the Faculty of Commerce Building at the Kwaluseni Campus.
Director:          Office 204   (+268) 251-70330
Secretary:        Office 205   (+268) 251-70332