University of Eswatini

Department of Sociology and Social Work

Department of Sociology and Social Work


The mission of the Department is to produce graduates who are capable of making meaningful contribution to society through their having a better understanding of the needs of the people. Through a people-oriented discipline, the Department seeks to assist students to become their own selves, to cultivate their intellects, to ripen their capacities for objective judgements, to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their cultural heritage, and to prepare for specific professional goals as well as civic and family life.


  • To equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques and values that will empower them to contribute positively to national development.
  • To stimulate and deepen students’ interests and knowledge in various theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of the discipline of sociology.
  • To provide intellectual guidance and motivation for students to pursue graduate studies in sociology and related disciplines.
  • To contribute effectively to the intellectual and practical growth and development of the sociology discipline through conducting research relevant to the Southern African region in general and Eswatini in particular.
  • To avail itself to grassroot level in communities by conducting research and making such research findings accessible.
  • To contribute effectively to the objectives of the University by servicing departments that need sociological exposure.