University of Eswatini

Department of Law

Department of Law


The mission of the Department is to develop and utilise new and innovative teaching methods; render essential legal assistance to indigent clients; develop and pursue a realistic agenda; monitor the legal environment in the country in the context of business and socio-economic development goals and evolving conceptions of constitutional and democratic governance; and endeavour to influence and impact the law-making process in the country.


  • To develop and use innovative teaching methods that will enable students to become life-long learners who are responsive to the new and emerging challenges facing Eswatini, SADC and the rest of Africa and the World.
  • To design and offer short courses in the field of law for business executes, labour, senior civil servants, police force, bankers and others.
  • To increase participation of the Faculty in civic education in order to contribute towards capacity building of civil society in its interaction with the state.
  • To establish legal aid clinics through which staff and students will render essential legal assistance to indigent clients.
  • To enhance students’ acquisition of skills in problem-solving; client-interviewing and confidentiality; cross-examination; advocacy and other aspects, through participation in the legal aid clinics.
  • To develop and implement a realistic and revisable research agenda to be pursued by both staff and students in order to provide inputs that will assist the Government of Eswatini and civil society in institution building.
  • To constantly evaluate and monitor the relevance, or otherwise, of the legal environment to business, economic development and the evolving conceptions of constitutional and democratic governance.
  • To assist the Government and people of Eswatini in their interaction with other countries in the sub-region.