University of Eswatini

Department of Economics

Department of Economics


The mission of the Department is to provide and ensure a congenial and productive academic and intellectual environment that will facilitate the provision of training requirements for graduates of the highest standard; who will be capable of meeting the manpower needs of government, quasi-government, industry, bilateral and multilateral institutions, research, and academics, both locally and internationally.


  • To provide an academic and intellectual environment in a University setting that facilitates all aspects of education and research in economics.
  • To teach, train and produce economics graduates who are competent to assume leadership and functional positions in government, industry, academia and international organizations.
  • To contribute to the advancement of knowledge in economics by doing research and consultancy as a Department and as individuals, and by disseminating research findings both locally and internationally.
  • To emphasize fully and explicitly the relevance of research in economics to theoretical, empirical and policy issues.
  • To provide economics service courses to other Departments in the University.
  • To develop peer revisable teaching materials for use by economics students.