University of Eswatini

Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry


The Department serves as a centre of excellence in training and learning, research and development. It seeks to develop human resources and facilitate the exploitation of natural resources and environmental conservation through the application of chemical principle and technology. The attainment of these strategic goals will be reinforced by establishment of strong professional links with industry, academic institutions, practicing chemists and recognized bodies within and outside Eswatini.


  • To facilitate effective teaching and learning at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.
  • To expose academic staff to latest developments in the fields of Chemistry.
  • To help technical staff members acquire skills necessary to maintain scientific equipment and to run laboratory experiments efficiently.
  • To develop the independence and discretional judgement of students by enabling them to do independent research projects and preparing them for post-graduate studies offered locally and internationally.
  • To provide a labour pool for Government, parastatals and private sector institutions.
  • Conduct relevant research in areas such as medicinal chemistry and environmental pollution.
  • To provide consultancy service to local industries and any other organizations
  • To generate data on indigenous natural resources.
  • To establish links with other tertiary institutions for collaboration and exchange of information.