University of Eswatini

Master of Science in Horticulture

Master of Science in Horticulture


The normal duration of study is four semesters (2 years) for full-time study and six semesters (3 years) for part-time study. The maximum duration for full-time study is ten semesters (5 years) and fourteen semesters (7 years) for part-time study. 


The programme shall be conducted by course work, examinations and thesis. A student is required to take, and pass, a minimum of 42 credits in order to graduate. These credits are distributed as 30 credits of course work and 12 credits for thesis.

Entry Requirements:

An applicant seeking admission to the programme must have a at least a second class, second division pass in the following degrees and at least an average of C grade (60%) in Horticulture courses:

  • B.Sc. in Horticulture
  • B.Sc. in Agriculture (Horticulture Option) from UNESWA
  • B.Sc. Agriculture (Crop Production Option) from UNESWA
  • B.Sc. Agricultural Education from UNESWA
  • Any equivalent degree, from a recognised institution, provided that the applicant has taken at least any three (3) of the following courses: Vegetable Production, Tropical and Sub-tropical Fruit Production, Plant Biotechnology, Vegetable and Fruit Production, Ornamental Horticulture, and Landscape Design

The University Calendar provides comprehensive information on the entry requirements and programme structure.