University of Eswatini

Department of English Language and Literature

Department of English Language and Literature


The department will be the mainstream of the dynamics involved in the globalization of both English and communication, as it is apparent that English and communication technology are poised to stand to each other like inseparable twins in national development and the conversion of plant earth into global village. The Department of English endevours to produce graduates who are competent in the use of English and capable of independence of thought and creativity.


  • To promote the study of English as a medium of communication.
  • To produce graduates qualified at an internationally accepted standard, providing skilled human resources in the fields relevant to national development.
  • To extend the programme to cover new areas of need in accordance with national development goals.
  • To provide content for students who will be joining the teaching profession as teachers of English.
  • To prepare students who intend to take up post-graduate studies in relevant fields after graduating.
  • To increase opportunities for self-employment in such areas as interpreting, translation, copy writing, advertising, journalism, broadcasting and publishing.
  • To promote the development of English language and literature as in areas relevant to the cultural, intellectual and economic development of the Kingdom, through outreach and publication.
  • To enrich the programme through the establishment of mutually beneficial links with relevant institutions in Eswatini and beyond.