University of Eswatini

Department of General Nursing Science

Department of General Nursing Science


The mission of the Department is to provide general nursing education, utilizing scientific knowledge and encouraging creative and critical thinking in order to prepare graduates to offer high quality nursing care to human kind. The Department will endeavor to enrich this knowledge through research by staff and students.


  • To produce graduates who are able to apply theories from nursing, biological, behavioural, and social sciences in the management of prevailing health problems.
  • To foster the utilization of the primary health care approach in the primitive, preventive curative and rehabilitative aspects of health care.
  • To collaborate with other health care delivery persons and related sectors in the coordination of health care.
  • To conduct research and utilize research findings in nursing practice as a means to improving the quality of nursing care.
  • To inculcate positive attitude and commitment to life long learning among graduates and staff in order to maintain and improve nursing practice.
  • To support the provision of quality nursing care to individuals families and communities utilizing relevant nursing theories and skills