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UNESWA Journal of Education (UJOE)

UNESWA Journal of Education (UJOE)


UJOE is an online Journal of the Faculty of Education, University of Eswatini. The Faculty of Education is made up of five distinct departments, namely: Adult Education; Curriculum & Teaching; Educational Foundations & Management; In-Service; and Primary Education. The UJOE offers an interdisciplinary forum to scholars and researchers, with a focus on the theory of the development and practice of education from pre-primary to higher education. For this reason, contributors to the UJOE are encouraged to submit articles or papers that address the basic issues and recent developments in the area of education, with particular reference to education policies at all levels of the education system. The UJOE strives to recognize the variations within the Faculty of Education across the continent and beyond; and, therefore, encourages contributors to submit articles from different perspectives which include educational technologies, indigenous educational knowledge systems, educational psychology, guidance & counselling, history, philosophy, sociology, administration, educational leadership and management, measurement and evaluation, comparative studies, adult education, community development and lifelong learning, gender issues in education, early childhood education, and curriculum development.


UJOE provides an international arena for original research studies and ideas on past, present and future trends and practices in education. In particular, the journal seeks to promote original theoretical and empirical work, as well as review papers in all spheres of education that advance and enhance an understanding of educational theory and practice. Specifically, the UJOE aims to meet the following objectives:

  1. to provide for the dissemination of information and discussions on educational issues that result from the findings of research;
  2. to encourage, coordinate, as well as facilitate the publication of findings from original research; and
  3. serve as a public voice that enables unrestricted response to educational issues for educational researchers and scholars alike.


Prof. O. I. Oloyede (Dean: Faculty of Education)


Dr. P. Mthethwa

Managing Editors

Prof. C. Magagula
Prof. O. I. Oloyede (Dean: Faculty of Education)
Dr. R. Mafumbate
Dr. K. Ntinda
Dr. S.S.K. Thwala
Dr. M.S. Ngcobo
Dr Y. A. Faremi

Production Editors

Dr. R. Mafumbate
Dr. C.B. Silvane
Dr Y.A. Faremi
Dr. M.S. Ngcobo
Dr. D. Makondo