University of Eswatini

Department of Primary Education

Department of Primary Education


The mission of the Department is to provide training in primary education, which is the foundation of the educational system, and the base of skills and knowledge necessary for progression to higher levels of training, and education. As the level to which the largest proportion of Eswatini’s citizens are exposed, primary education serves as the only formal preparation for livelihood and citizenship for many of these people. The department strives to offer a strong University level programme to ensure high quality staffing and performance in the field of primary education. It is a basic assumption of the primary education programme that education must be improved at the primary level if there has to be any substantive improvement at the secondary school level.


  • To produce well-trained personnel who serve primary schools as inspectors, teachers, teacher-leaders, curriculum developers, college instructors as well as primary school Head teachers.
  • To produce graduates who are qualified at an internationally acceptable standard.
  • To conduct research in the field of primary education.
  • To make available research information to relevant agencies of education in the country and beyond.
  • To disseminate information on diagnosis skills needed by teachers who might be encountering problems with exceptional children in schools.