University of Eswatini

Department of In-Service Education

Department of In-Service Education


The mission of the Department is to provide opportunities for education professionals to continue to up-date themselves in their field of learning in response to demands of their jobs and changing trends in the education field. This will be achieved through the provision of professional development opportunities for life-long learning for practicing teachers and other educators through non-certification activities so that they acquire a coherent whole of the practical, and theoretical knowledge, insights attitudes and repertory that a teacher needs for the day-to-day practicing of the profession.


  • To identify professional needs of practicing teachers and other educators and to organize programmes to address the identified needs.
  • To organize induction programmes for new teachers.
  • To ensure continuity between pre-service and in-service education of teachers.
  • To conduct research and disseminate research findings.
  • To update teachers on new developments in the education field.